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Events for September, 2017

  • Private Event

    Sat, Sep 30th, '17

    50th Birthday Celebration

  • Roof Top Cigar Night Out @ Pour Abbey's - Newark, NJ

    Wed, Sep 20th, '17

    If you enjoy Brooke’s up-close-and-personal patio performance at Leo’s Fine Choice Cigars in Newark, then you’ll love her even more on the roof top of Pour Abby’s for Leo’s annual celebration event!  This year, it will be even more special with Ironbound Red Wine, Sangria, and more! Partake in a tasty buffet and the raffle drawings throughout the night!  What better way can you think of to spend your “Hump Day” than with some delicious food, cigars, and the smooth R&B, Pop, and Reggae sounds of Brooke Alford, Artist of the Violin!

    Pour Abbey’s Bar and Grill Restaurant
    107 Hawkins Street
    Newark, NJ 07105


    Tickets: $65 (limited amount available)

    For ticket purchases and more info, call: 973.344.0501

  • Private Event

    Wed, Sep 20th, '17

    Healthcare Center Concert

  • LIVE @ The New Brunswick Jazz Project After Party at Hub City Brewhouse - New Brunswick, NJ

    Sat, Sep 16th, '17

    In conjunction with The Hub City Jazz Festival, The New Brunswick Jazz Project After Party kicks off with Brooke Alford, Artist of the Violin and her band REFRESH at Hub City Brew House! Enjoy captivating sounds, delicious food, and fresh vibes as you sip ales from around the globe all night long!

    Hub City Brewhouse
    335 George Street
    New Brunswick, NJ 08901


    No Cover Charge
    For more info, visit:

  • LIVE @ Sweet Auburn Seafood w/ The REFRESH Band - Atlanta, GA

    Fri, Sep 15th, '17

    A sophisticated atmosphere, scrumptious seafood cuisine, good spirits ALL topped off with the vibrant sounds of Brooke Alford, Artist of the Violin and her band REFRESH!  An evening to remember!

    Sweet Auburn Seafood
    171 Auburn Ave NE
    Atlanta, GA 30303


    No Cover Charge

    For more info about Sweet Auburn Seafood, visit:

  • LIVE @ Cigaros of Georgia w/ The REFRESH Band - College Park, GA

    Fri, Sep 8th, '17

    Join Brooke Alford, Artist of the Violin and her band REFRESH at Cigaros of Georgia! Comfy couches, smooth vibes, and soulful sounds all under one roof!

    Cigaros of Georgia
    3220 Butner Rd. SW
    Atlanta GA 30331


    No admission fee

    For more info:

  • Private Event - Memphis, TN

    Sat, Sep 2nd, '17

    40th Birthday Celebration


    Memphis, TN

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