Motivational Speaking

Brooke is an advocate for education and excellence. Not only is Brooke a professional musician, she is also an entrepreneur, health and fitness advocate, and motivational speaker. Growing up in Marietta, Georgia where both of her parents were professional educators, their example set a standard of excellence and discipline for her, her sister, and brother as well. Brooke wants to share her story with the young people of today, in hopes to encourage them to be true to their unique, God-given talents. She energizes them to live their dreams!


Self-care is key.
Without our health, we have NOTHING!

 — Brooke Alford


B.F.I.T. Lifestyle

B.F.I.T. is an extension of Brooke's artistry. Her priority is maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle. She encourages her fans and audiences to be fearless in living life and to put their health first. Brooke successfully manages the physical and mental demands of the entertainment industry on and off the stage. She keeps a steady workout regimen and is an enthusiast of vegan and vegetarian cuisine. As a performer and former fitness competitor in 5k, 10k races as well as a bikini model and fitness model competitor, Brooke has learned the value of hard work in both fields. Her competitive nature drives her to overcome her challenges directly.